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PERMAK Makina continues its leader position in its sector by being one of the oldest and experienced companies in Turkish machinery industry. With the new technologies offered to the customers, it has significant contributions in the development of Textile, Leather and Washing Dry Cleaning industry. It has thousands of customers in domestic as well as very important partners at abroad. Realizing important projects in many countries, PERMAK is also widely known in other countries.

Activity areas:

» Textile Washing and Extraction Systems
» Knitwear Washing and Extraction Systems
» Ironing and Finishing Systems
» Industrial and Commercial Laundries
» Steam Generation Facilities
» Water Heating and Energy Recycle Facilities
» Dry System Cleaning and Extraction Systems
» EMS – Energy Management Systems
» LMS – Laundry Management Systems
» Water Heating and Energy Recycle Facilities
» Leather Processing Machine Systems
» Laser Application Technologies
» Stocking Bleaching and Polishing Systems
» Technical Services


SYSTEC is one of the leading Technology Systems/Solutions providers of Turkey with its 100% domestic capital, strong distributorship network and 25 years of experience.

SYSTEC creates value to its corporate customers which are the constituting the driving forces of economy of the country in various sectors. SYSTEC offers systems, solutions and services according to the client's changing business requirements.

To enable further customer satisfaction and business perfection; SYSTEC has accomplished strong strategic partnerships with leading system providers of the world. Experienced technical service with it's regional network provides 24/7 support.

SYSTEC operates in the following areas:

» Industrial Type Enveloping Systems
» Smart Card Production and Personalization Systems
» Card Posting Systems
» Posting Center Automation Systems, Software
» Industrial Type Scanners
» Card and Document Packaging Systems
» Mail Separation Systems
» Check Binding Systems
» Continuous Form Cutters and Sealers
» Digital Print Solutions


Polar Tekstil operates in ready made textile production, textile washing and textile leasing services with its modern production facilities spread to various locations within the country. Polar Tekstil has strong customer portfolio and experience of 25 years.

Besides textile production activities, Polar leads the textile washing, textile leasing and dry cleaning services in industrial standards in Turkey. It continuously produces service for years to the leading touristic facilities in Turkey with its production facilities in western standards and with its professional management insight.

Activity areas:

Production Group:
Trousers production Work clothes/Uniform production Hotel textile production

Textile Washing Group: Professional Textile Washing Services Textile Leasing Services


REMAG has placed itself among the most prestigious companies of the sector in a short time with the real estate development projects it has realized in Turkey and Europe. With the management insight built on the experiences in engineering, business development and other sectors, REMAG has been one of the rare companies of PERMAK Group realizing the project development – construction – operation process in an integrated manner. Increasing its investment power with the business partnerships established with international companies, REMAG has gained effectiveness in a wide geography particularly in residence, hotel and shopping mall projects.

Activity areas:

» Residence, home projects, business and shopping center investments.
» Hotel and Tourism investments
» Land Improvement Activities
» Engineering and Construction undertakings
» Production facilities and energy investments


Permak Chemical Department, integrated to Permak Makina, carries out the sales and service / consultancy services of special process chemicals for Textile, Tourism and Metal Manufacturing sectors and undertakes the distributorship of leader companies such as DOW Chemicals and BUFA. Permak Chemistry Department offers the best service to its customers with the offices spread to a wide geography and strong dealership network.


Permak Energy Group has been established with the intention to be a reliable energy supplier. The company invests, builds and operates Power Plants to meet the modern world's increasing demand for electricity. Permak Energy Group has added renewable energy plants to its portfolio aiming to turn natural resources into sustainable energy in a highly environmentally concern- ed era. Another division of Permak Energy Group is a supplier of renewable Technologies such as solar panels, wind turbines, hydro turbines, biomass technologies and heat pumps.

For more information www.permakenerji.com

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